Pantry Information

Our History

​The Little Miami Food Service was founded in 1988 as non-profit organization created to help feed those residents living in the Little Miami School District in Southwest Ohio. We operate the Little Miami Food Pantry by providing those in need with a food resource that can use to help bridge the gap between what they can afford to purchase on their own and what they need further assistance with to help feed their families.

We serve approximately 500 families per month. We are open two days a week on Monday & Friday from 9:00 AM to Noon except on the 3rd Friday of each month when we are open until 11:00 AM so that we may accept deliveries from Shared Harvest and other partnering agencies.

We are located at 4766 Whitacre Drive in Morrow, Ohio. We operate out of a historic schoolhouse donated by the Salem Township Trustee's.


Check out how Jonathan Moster, a member of Boy Scout Troop156, changed the appearance of an auxiliary shed at the Pantry site.  This work was Jonathan's Eagle Scout project and he spent a lot of time and hard work upgrading the shed's appearance with paint and structural supports.  Thank you Jonathan!!!!

All Volunteer Staff

Little Miami Food Service is an organization that operates wit four officers:  Paul Long, Director; Ruth Norton, Assistant Director; Ruth Frauenknect, Secretary-Treasurer and Ron Ashbrock, Bookkeeper.

This is a completely volunteer organization and much work goes on beyond the two mornings a week the Pantry is open

Client Eligibility

The Little Miami Food Service (The Pantry) is here to help any person or family residing within the Little Miami School District in need of temporary food assistance. To utilize the services of The Pantry clients are required to provide the following information to register.

1. Each client must bring with them proof of residence in Little Miami School District. That proof could include a
driver’s license or a piece of mail with their current address.

2. The client then fills in the government form listing name, address, and number of people in the household by age group. This form is then signed by the client as proof they recognize the statements in the form.

3. Thereafter when a client returns the next time the form is again signed. Each
client can come to the Pantry for food assistance once a month. However
they are allowed three emergency food orders in one year.

4. Food is allocated according to the number of those listed in the family, placed in a wagon which the client or a volunteer helps them take the food to their car.

5. Every client must re-register or sign up again once a year. This usually occurs in June or July.