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Little Miami Food Service
Our Mission

The Little Miami Food Service is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing emergency food relief to residents living within the Little Miami School District in Southwest Ohio. Operating as the Little Miami Pantry, we accomplish this task by offering temporary food assistance, personal care items and other daily living necessities to those in need.

The Pantry is open every Monday and *Friday from 9:00 AM to Noon. We serve approximately 500 families every month. If you are in need of temporary food assistance or would like to donate, host a food drive or fundraiser on behalf of the Little Miami Pantry by  calling 513.899.4802. 


* Little Miami Food Service is closed the 3rd Friday of every month at 11:00AM to accept deliveries.

United Way Partners with the Pantries to Help Keep Reading Skills during the Summer

      Over 400 books were delivered to the Little Miami Pantry this week.  Now those who come to the Pantry can choose from these books for their children.  Some books are fiction; some are fact but all are likely to excite both young and old readers.  Thank you, Jerri, for delivering the books and thank you, United Way, for allowing us to share the results of your book drive! 







Thanks to those volunteers who several times a week go to Kroger's or Walmart to collect donated food items.  Three or four times a week someone is on the road collecting bread and/or meat and produce from local stores.  Also three different people travel once a week to Wilmington to get donations of pizzas from Little Caesar's.  We are truly blessed!

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